Every day we live we owe to the grace of God.  At any time God could allow some nation who has nuclear weapons and rockets capable of launching them to send and explode a hydrogen bomb in space over our nation. This would instantly fry everything electric.  It is estimated that 90% of us would die in a year if this happened—and that is without the invasion of foreign troops!

    North Korea is publicly announcing their intention to do this and they say it with all the eagerness of a rabid wolf.  One day Isaid out-loud to myself, “We’ve got to pray for these leaders or they are going to get us all killed!”  I sensed that was the Spirit of God.  At this critical time it is a life and death thing for us all.  We must pray that our leaders will do the right thing at the right time regarding this dire threat from North Korea.

    In a recent meeting in Hettinger, North Dakota, I met a man who has a prophetic calling.  He told me that God had spoken to him, “Pray that war will be averted.”  If there is some way to disarm North Korea without destroying them, that would of course be preferable.

    I know how wicked our nation is. We certainly deserve judgment. But there are hopeful signs of the beginning of national revival.  Many of President Trump’s cabinet members are having Bible studies together!  

    Pastor John Kilpatrick pastored Brownsville First Assembly of God during the great revival there a few years ago. He issued a prophetic word at the beginning of 2017 at his new church, Church of His Presence in Alabama.  It has something in it that seems to refer to North Korea and is very hopeful.  I believe he is a godly and credible man.  You can google “John Kilpatrick, Prophetic Words for 2017 and Beyond.” Then you can down load the complete transcript.  Here’s the portion that makes me think God has something better than an all out nuclear war between the USA and North Korea.

    “CLOSED SOCIETIES ARE GOING TO OPEN.  Remember Naomi of old.  After a painful season of loss, heartbreak and heartache she heard that I was visiting My people and that bread was readily available.  She heard this news in a bleak place, a forsaken place, filled with reversal and hopelessness.  Upon the report of fresh visitation, she arose and stirred herself.  She left the desolate place and came to Judah.  My people have been desolated and have suffered.  I am going to cause the news of a fresh visitation to spread quickly—God is visiting His people once again!

    “The thing that will mark this move of My Spirit to distinguish it from all others is that I am going to move mightily in closed nations and closed societies.  The word of spiritual bread among these starving and closed nations will create spiritual refugees, which will immediately create movement of entire nations of hungry and spiritually starving refugees toward the outstations of fresh bread.

    “My Spirit will spread like fire through empires, dynasties, tribes, clans, and among the heathen as well.  I will set My table before them, and they will taste of My goodness and experience My mercy just as Naomi arose and brought her daughter-in-law, Ruth, to the place of visitation.  It was there that Ruth was joined with Boaz, her redeemer.

    “I tell you, many will believe this good news to be a rumor, but they will continue to hear the reports until they come and see for themselves the wonders of the Lord.  It will cause a great stir among the nations.

    “I am going to open three doors:

    (1) I am going to unseat powers and principalities in those regions that have long deprived the people of My presence and of My Spirit.  A brief, but widespread harvest will occur.  A once closed society of unbelievers will now have the opportunity to hear and to believe upon the Lord Jesus.

    (2) There will also be a movement of laborers, those that I have chosen and called to work the fields of harvest.  This is their time.  This is what they have awaited, many since childhood.  This is their time.  They will bring their sickles and reaping tools, and they shall come rejoicing, bringing their sheaves with them during this harvest.  There will be great excitement!

    (3) “There will also be a great commotion of the leaders of the harvest taking their places.  They shall direct the harvest and place the laborers where they best fit.  They are My apostolic leaders overseeing this last day harvest.  They will know the mind of the Spirit.  They will know who is to go where, and who is to do what.  There will be resources and wealth to fund the harvest of the ages.  The newcomer and the veteran soul winner will be paid the same wage in that day.

    This is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes.  In that day, the knowledge of the glory of the Lord shall fill the earth as the waters cover the sea.”



    God announces His will through the prophets but He brings it to pass through the intercessors!  When God told Elijah that He was going to end the famine and send rain on Israel, Elijah didn’t just say, “Great!  I’ll rejoice when that happens!”  No, he went to the top of a mountain and went into serious intercession.  He didn’t stop praying until a cloud arose from the sea and became a mighty storm.

    Jesus said, “Behold, I stand at the door and knock.  If any man hears my voice and opens the door I will come in and feast with him and he with me,” Rev. 3:20. Notice this verse does not say “I stand at the door of your heart.”  Jesus does knock on the doors of many hearts, waiting to be invited in.  But He also stands at the doors of situations, waiting to be invited in so that He can bring heaven’s will to pass in the earth.

    I believe Jesus is knocking on the door of this “situation” between North Korea and the USA.  He’s announced His will to open closed societies that have deprived people of His presence.  So let us pray!  Let us repent of our own sins and ask God to bring revival to America as well.  If something happened to open North Korea to the gospel that would save the USA from that country being the instrument of our destruction.  But if we don’t repent, then some other nation would eventually become that instrument.  It’s not enough to see this one situation changed into a miracle.  Pray that both North Korea and the USA will experience a great move of God.

    The time to pray is NOW.  Our government officials know they cannot allow this threat to grow.  Satan’s will must not be done.  His will would be to have millions of lost people be killed in war instead of being saved in a spiritual revival.

    Will you become a “door opener” for God?  Your prayers are very important.  Join others in praying for the very best solution and when He comes through that door you will “feast” with Jesus in the Spirit on his special food, the delight in having heaven’s will brought to pass in the earth.



Wes Daughenbaugh