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  • Would the church be more likely to stay unified and grow?

  • Would many strife - events be preempted and never occur?

  • Would your job be easier?


A revival/seminar with me will dramatically increase the percentage of people in your church who intentionally grow in all these areas and become ever more consistent in true Christ - like motivation and behavior.

I'd love to discuss your needs by phone or email. We could talk about format, content, dates, costs and what you feel your church needs most.

Call Wes at 541-729-5015 (Pastors only)

Or email Wes at

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What Are Pastors Saying

"We recently had Evangelist Wes Daughenbaugh with us at Capital Christian Center in Bismarck, N.D. in August of 2017. During the services several prayed to receive Christ as Savior, many were baptized in the Holy Spirit and all were renewed in their walk with Christ.

It was a special blessing that Teen Challenge of North Dakota brought all of their students each evening of the revival to be ministered to.

Many in our congregation expressed how Wes's teaching was easy to understand and had a great impact on their life. They were also ministered to by his books and CD ministry.

I highly recommend having Wes minister in your church and community."

- Pastor Dan Kent

"Your ministry was a great blessing to our church.

The sermon “21 Ways to Forgive” was practical, anointed and was received as an essential element in spiritual maturity. I felt that your illustrations from ministry were exceptional and insightful. Your years of successful ministry and experiences helped many people deal with this painful topic.

Many comments from the people who were in attendance indicated that a night of awesome breakthroughs has been realized.

Wes, your kind and gentlemanly mannerisms are always a great blessing as well.

May the Lord continue to bless you and your ministry."

- Pastor Scott Erickson
People's Church

"We have had Wes minister in our church, as well as in community wide events with other churches. His teaching and presentation really knock it out of the park! We have taught from his books as well, and they are some of the most insightful and user friendly that I have seen. I highly recommend Wes’s ministry. Your people will love him and God will use him with great effect."

Pastor Tim Roos
Santiam Chapel AG
Lyons, Oregon

What If…….

  • Everyone in your church had a sweet spirit?
  • And prayed for the pastor and his family daily?
  • And never complained? What if they forgave everyone who wronged them, even before they asked for forgiveness?
  • What if they constantly lived in fellowship with the Holy Spirit?
  • What if everyone in your church had a pure motive in all things?
  • What if everyone thoroughly repented of sins?
  • What if everyone felt valuable, loved by God and special?
  • What if everybody was motivated to help others and selfishness was flushed out?
  • What if everyone firmly decided to bring others to church?
  • What if everyone was empowered by the Holy Spirit?
  • What if everyone began to truly desire to live Christ - like in every way?
  • What if the faith, love and hope of the congregation suddenly increased?
  • Would the church be more likely to stay unified and grow?

  • Would many strife events be preempted and never occur?

  • Would your job be easier?


YES, I’d like a FREE gift packet from Wes with his book 21 WAYS TO FORGIVEand his audio CD CONCEPTS OF FAITH.  

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Feel free to share these 60 second nuggets of truth with your local radio station. This is a free resource for them to use on air for 60 second fill spots. Also, if you are interested in more, please contact us direct. Thank you so much and God Bless!