I carry two weapons, both hidden, at all times.  No, not a gun or a knife.  However, I believe every church should have security people who are “packing heat” so that if a terrorist should show up a tragedy could be avoided.  I am going through too many airports to be one of those special, responsible people who actually carry a concealed pistol and thus help protect churches and society in general.  It’s a good ministry—for some.

         The first weapon I do carry is meant to fight enemies that attack you every single day.  I carry floss toothpicks, always. As soon as I eat anything, I pull out my little concealed carry weapon and get every particle of food from between my teeth.

         I’ve talked to two dentists recently and both told me that if they had to choose between someone brushing and someone flossing they’d recommend flossing as the first line of defense.

         At a recent dentist appointment, my first in several years, I did not have any new cavities.  I do have a broken tooth that needs a crown, but no cavities. 

         I never could stand to floss with just a string of floss. That’s too hard.  But a little floss toothpick makes it so easy.  My favorite brand is GLIDE, and I get them at Wal-Mart.  The floss doesn’t cut my gums, slides easily between my teeth, and has a plastic point or hook on the end that can be used as an old fashioned tooth pick. They lay flat in a pocket.

         Just don’t floss in front of people.  Get in your car, or a bathroom, get out your little concealed weapon, and get the particles from between your teeth—fast.

         I’ll be 68 on Feb. 24, 2018.  I want to stay healthy and active for as long as possible in my quest to bring God “massive glory” before my earthly life comes to an end.  That’s why I look for practical ways to improve health and promote longevity. 

         If you were to type “Good Health Starts in the Mouth” into your Internet browser, you’ll find many articles showing that the bacteria related to tooth decay and gum disease can travel throughout the body.  They promote inflammation.  One study found that among more than 15,000 patients with a history of cardio-related problems, the greater the degree of tooth loss—a sign of poor gum health—the greater the risk of stroke and cardiovascular death. 

         Oral bacteria have likewise been found in the knees of people with rheumatoid arthritis.  Other conditions associated with gum disease include diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and kidney disease.  So why take chances? Why not get rid of every last particle of food lodged between your teeth fast and thus protect your health?

         MY SECOND CONCEALED WEAPON:  “Thy Word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against Thee,” (Psalm 119:11 KJV).  Every day your enemy, the devil, will have one of his emissaries try to plant some thought into your brain that is mad, bad, sad, or fearful.  If we would “take every thought captive”( 2 Cor. 10:5) like Paul the Apostle, we’ll have to conceal carry God’s Word, the Sword of the Spirit, in our hearts.  You can only take a thought captive with another thought—a bigger and better one.

         Remember, enemy thoughts want to board your mental airplane, hijack your life, and plunge it into destruction.  You must keep these enemy thoughts from taking a seat in your mind.  If they are on board already, they must be ejected!

         When Jesus was tempted by the devil he defeated each temptation by quoting a scripture.  He set an example for us, to be filled with Scripture. (See Matthew 4)

         To sum up, you probably won’t need a concealed gun to protect yourself today. You might, and you might need to protect others.  But the chances of needing a gun today are small.  However, you WILL have bacteria attacking your teeth, gums and health today and you WILL have a variety of enemy thoughts seeking to board your mental airplane. 

         It’s so easy to arm yourself against both of these foes.  Get a smart phone app for the Bible so you can easily listen to several chapters a day.  Get a package of floss toothpicks and have a couple in your pocket at all times so that if one breaks, you have a second one.

         Finally, I always feel more secure in a church where a security team has one or more responsible adults “packing heat.”  These may be trained but retired police officers.  It’s a ministry that is growing in importance as more and more terrorist activities happen wherever crowds of people gather.  If you can be a concealed carry person to protect the rest of us—thank you.  Be careful, get trained, and stay on guard.


I love you.

God bless you.




Wes Daughenbaugh