Faith Concepts Of Jesus

Faith Concepts Of Jesus


Faith Concepts of Jesus will give you 12 concepts of faith from the words of Jesus Christ. These “faith concepts” are the building blocks of a life of faith. Every miracle and answer to prayer happens because one or more of these faith concepts are involved. When you understand them, you’ll understand why miracles happen. Then you can replicate similar miracles in your own life.

This book will help you to attain the same kind of faith evidenced in the lives of Elijah, Moses, Peter, Paul and all the other Bible heroes. You will also be able to convert your problems into blessings as you apply these faith concepts in daily life.

“Wes Daughenbaugh has a proven pastoral ministry of more than 40 years. His passion for sound doctrine and correct teaching has resulted in this balanced book on faith. I commend him on his scholarly effort and believe his work will be of great benefit to the kingdom.”

Dr. George Wood

General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God

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